Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cheese Making

Tuesday stitching with the girls started off like normal .....
With a few extra visitors at Helens place. 
But then Sandi and I went to a cheese making demo at our local library. 
Green Living Australia showed how to make mozzarella and they literally made it in 30 minutes. It was so interesting and fun AND it was absolutely delicious.
Valerie was just lovely and a mountain of knowledge and expertise. This was just a snippet of what you can learn through her and Green Living. Today has really made me keen to do more workshops and learn more. So glad we decided to go to this demo. 
Did I mention it was delicious!!! Lol!!!
Thanks Sandi for going to this with me ...... Let's do it again!!!!!
Teresa xx

Love this photo Narelle posted today wearing the owl eye mask I made her....


Michelle Ridgway said...

What a great thing to do...looks delicious!

Jo said...

That sounds really interesting and fun...,

Karen S said...

What a great workshop. Does your library do this type of thing often?