Friday, April 1, 2016

Shopping Fun

Today Jack, Emma and I headed to Harbourtown for some bargain shopping.
Breakfast first. Just a small brekky for Jack lol! 
Eggs Benedict for Emma and I.  Yum! 
He loves these! This is him asking for an early birthday present!!! 
We found this incredible pet shop! 
Don't they look delicious? If you're a pooch ha ha!!! 
Captain scored a giant red prawn (which he loves!) 
And a doggy donut! 
Five minutes after this photo and he's buried the pristine red prawn in the dirt!!!
And I scored some cute Peter Alexander pj's and shoes for work. 
And Jack got the shoes!!!! 
Teresa xx


Susan said...

You're living the dream this week!!

Petal49 said...

Sounds like a perfect day, yummy food and new shoes!