Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Anzac Day

Lots of emotions again this Anzac Day. 
Very proud of my dad marching in the city today and very grateful for the photo my brother took of him. 
My husband and I then enjoyed a long afternoon drive up to O'Reillys. 
We kept driving and ended up going through Beechmont and saw a gorgeous rainbow after a brief spot of rain. Everything is so green right now. 
We ended up on the Gold Coast and saw a friend who found these old photos for me. That's James (now 25 years) on the rocking horse to give you an idea how long ago these were taken! 
On the drive home the sunset was just beautiful. 
We then stopped in to see a friend who has recently lost her husband. Eric always marched in our local Anzac Day parade so it was lovely to talk about him on this day and remember what a large as life character he was. 
Hubby and I had dinner at a favorite restaurant and finally headed home. 
Hope you all had a lovely day today and got to reminisce and remember loved ones as we did. 
Teresa xx

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sunny said...

Awesome rainbow!!!!!!!!