Wednesday, March 30, 2016

City Catchups and Shows

I had one of those days yesterday, where everything just fell into place and went perfectly. My wonderful uncle got me tickets to The Sound of Music. I decided to go into the city early and try and see James at work and maybe do a little shopping before dinner and the show.
I walked past and found James who was just about to go to lunch. Great timing! He never knows when his break will be as he works around his customers. So this gorgeous kid took me out to lunch at Brew. It was delicious! 
After that I did a spot of shopping at Bed, Bath and Table. I was hoping to get a pink bunny plate (score!) but there were so many wonderful bargains, I got a few other things. I just love the button coasters! 
I did a few walks back and forth over the bridge and took some photos along the way. 
Caught up again with James after work for a couple of cocktails. 
Very nice!!!!! Ha ha ! 
I left James and crossed over the river again to catch up with my uncle to see the show.....
It was fabulous. We both enjoyed it so much. 
Such a great day and night. Totally exhausted and spent the long drive home  with all the Sound of Music songs in my head! 
Teresa xx

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