Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Making the most of my day off....

I always try to make the most of my days off and this week was no exception. I really enjoyed my day locally this time. Over the years we've had many lovely shops come and go. It's difficult in small towns and hard to get local support. Today I visited lots of our great little places. 
First it was the hairdressers. The young girl who cuts my hair is great friends with my sons and I've known her since she was little. You find that happens a lot in small towns! 
Then it was off to my favorite cafe to have my fave breakfast "the Sourdough" with avocado, haloumi and poached eggs.
I even got a visit from Jack who was on his way to the dog wash with Captain.
Then it was only a couple of shops away to visit a new dress shop we have. 
It such a great little shop, full of clothing, bags and jewellery. I love the chandeliers and the huge change room with its fancy chairs and mirrors. 
I spoilt myself with a new dress!!! 
There was also a visit to the little antique shop/florist and our wonderful book shop. 
I'm very lucky to have all this. When I first moved out here there was nothing! Not even a major grocery store. No dress shops, cafes, florists or book stores. Hope they get the support they need to survive a small town. 
Teresa xx
PS I had a lovely parcel waiting at home....
My new William Morris coffee mugs. My favorite is the middle one,  "The Strawberry Thief".  


Susan said...

I'm repeating myself, I love your new colour and style. They look great with the new dress. Sounds like a perfectly relaxing day out.

marina said...

Beautiful new 'do' and Love your new dress.
Catch up with jack and captain made it a perfect day out

Karen S said...

I think you have far too many wonderful places near you that cause so many distractions!! Okay - I think you are so lucky to have all these lovely places nearby!