Saturday, January 23, 2016

Happy Birthday James!

Today my eldest son, James, turned 25! How did that happen???
As he's away camping for the weekend, Jack and I spent the day with him yesterday to celebrate. Such a great day! 
It started with breakfast at Shouks cafe at Paddington. Even my husband managed some time away from work to join us. 
Then we were off to get his present .... a bike of all things. 
Can't believe how happy he was to get this. No more walking to work for him! 
With the new bike in the back of the car, we headed to the Green Beacon Brewing Co for a drink. 
Fabulous place. Lots of drinks and laughing before we headed home. 
It's so hard getting one decent photo of these two together!!!! 
Maybe this one? Maybe 
I think he's pretty happy with the bike!!!! He couldn't wait to take it for another spin! 
It was such a fun, happy day. Just what you want a birthday to be!!! 

Love these boys so much! 

(29th January) 


Susan said...

I can still see the little boys in there Teresa!

marina said...

How gorgeous lol
Reminds me of when our boys were little and they got that new bike for their birthday , priceless

Susan said...

Sounds like a great day