Thursday, January 7, 2016

A week of Jack

Now that my youngest has moved out and only visits when he can, I have been thrilled to spend a few days with him this week. We have been trying a few new restaurants and watching lots of movies. 
After picking him up from the airport we tried a lovely cafe called Leaf Espresso which we found, and has been given a huge rap, on Zomato. The blueberry pancakes were delicious and I would have them again in a heart beat!!! 
Although Jack's eggs Benedict looked amazing too. 
The very next day (we are hopeless!) saw us trying a New Mexican burrito bar close to home. 
This was incredible and I hate to say that I couldn't finish my nachos as good as they were!!! 
We both couldn't wait to see the new Star Wars movie and were not disappointed. 
I also got to watch a really lovely movie called "the Book of Life". I loved it and definitely recommend it. 
So it's been lovely catching up with my boys lately......
A little note he left me .....
God I love this kid. 
Teresa xx


marina said...

Delicious meals shared Teresa!
Saw Star Wars today, amazing movie but I was a little disappointed by the cut short ending.
Oh well wait for the next one I suppose.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

One very special young man ... Lucky you 😍😍😍