Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hot Hot Days

I am not enjoying our summer! It's hard to handle the heat when it's over 30 degrees! 
So nice cold smoothies are in order. Love the new pineapple mason jars and pineapple linen. 
We've had to check in on a friends property and these guys came to see what we were up to. There are lots of calves here today. Terribly cute! 
And some beauty amongst the thorns and barbed wire. 
Looking forward to a cooler evening. I hope!!!
Teresa xx


Susan said...

Love the calves & table linen - but the hate the heat...

marina said...

Love your pineapple mason jar, too cute.
We aren't as hot as you guys but it has been warm down here too. Nice cool breeze tonight though

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Karen S said...

It is hard when this is only the start of Summer!