Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Party

Our Tuesday girls Christmas party was so much fun. We even celebrated with the queen! No doubt about it - we always have a great day when we are together!!!
Before we left for the party we opened our presents and I have been totally spoilt. These girls know me very well and I received so many lovely gifts. 
Then it was off to the "Fox and Hound" at Mount Tambourine. It is a very authentic English pub and it was perfect!!!
We started off with their signature drink the "foxy lady" which is a ginger cider and it was delicious (and just a tad alcoholic!!!) We even asked if we could buy bottles of it to take home but it only comes in a keg. Later we (well Nor and I) were asking if we could fit a keg in the boot of Helens car!!!! 
We've all shared our photos from the day so some of my photos were taken by the other girls. There were many, many pics taken on the day!!!
Here's a few photos to give you an idea how fabulous this venue was. Lots of antiques and memorabilia. 
There was everything English from the Beetles to Princess Di and the Queen.
The pub also has an Irish room and in January they are having a Scottish night. The atmosphere is perfect and lots of very English favorites on the menu. 
Did I mention we liked our Foxy Lady drinks? 
Luckily when we arrived, we had the place to ourselves, so we were able to take lots of photos. 
Love this photo Sandi took of her and Helen taking more photos!!! 
It wouldn't be Tuesday if Nor didn't have technology problems and Helen had to solve them. At least she has a drink this time......
Mmmmm those drinks were good.
We decided to forego the English fare and have a Christmassy dinner of turkey, cranberry sauce and baked veges. Good decision. 
We then became very adventurous (or maybe it was the drinks?) and decided to try their famous dessert. Deep fried mars bars. Yep we really did eat this!!!! Luckily it was delicious and even better than it looked!!!! 
Of course we all had our photo taken with Lizzy (who was looking rather pale), her guard and the corgis. 
What a fabulous day. So many laughs and heaps of fun. Best Christmas party yet and it will be hard to top! 
Thanks girls for a wonderful day, for all the gorgeous gifts and especially for the laughs and fun. Love you all to pieces!!!! 
Teresa xx


Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

Looks like a lovely place. Will have to rember it when next at mt Tamborine. Thanks for sharing. Looks like fun was had by all.

Jan said...

You girls always have such great times together. Always with lots of food involved, strangely enough.

Sarah said...

Great day out!! Love your pics Teresa xx

Karen S said...

What a fun way to celebrate with a great bunch of friends.