Thursday, October 29, 2015


We have arrived in Launceston for a long weekend of fun, quilting and catching up with friends. 
We found Sandi at the airport and met up with Cathy for dinner. We will see more of the Friends in Stitching girls tomorrow. 
We are staying in a gorgeous 1840's Bed and Breakfast and it is just perfect. It's right up high on a hill with a view of all of Launceston. 
I've been reading Wuthering Heights on the plane trip here and I swear I've just stepped back in time and this house is from the book. I love my bed! 
Looking forward to breakfast in the morning and we have a day well and truly planned. 
Hope Tassie is ready!!!!
Teresa xx


shez said...

Hi Teresa,wow you are in for a lot of fun,looking forward to seeing pics,wow i love your room too,so pretty and dainty,hope you sleep well tonight,or will it be like a school girls camp and yakking all night,lol xx

Jan said...

I'm jealous! I haven't been to Tassie for soooo long, and certainly not in such fun company. Have a wonderful time, Teresa. Hugs to you and all the girls who know me. Granny Loz is here for a little visit next week so that will be lovely. xx

Christine M said...

I love where you are staying, Teresa. Have a wonderful time. I hope you girls all behave yourselves!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

OMG that looks wonderful! Have a brilliant time away, Teresa. :-)

Susan said...

Watch out Tassie!!! Your B&B looks wonderful

Carolyn said...

Love your B&B! have a wonderful time stitching with friends xx