Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Last week was my second time sewing with the wonderful ladies of Tamborine Animal Rescue. 
They are a lovely group of passionate women who sew and make whatever is needed for the animal rescue carers of South East Queensland. 
Unlike the previous sewing day where we made gauntlets (long fingerless gloves) for the bat handlers, this day was filled with pouches and bags and cuddle cups of every different size. They are made from cotton, flannelette and polar fleece and are lovely and soft and warm as well as protective. These ones were for gliders and possums and joeys, so there were lots of different sizes. 
As always, the lovely Madelaine opened up her gorgeous house to us and kept us full of delicious food and coffees. 
The view here is incredible too! 
The glider pouches were our first priority. 
But luckily we were on fire today and managed a stack of macropod pouches as well. We actually needed one that day. 
The RSPCA dropped off an orphan joey on the day to one of the carers. The carer, Susan, named the little joey Madelaine after our host and I just love this photo of the two Madelaines together. 
The pouch was perfect. 
Sweetest little thing! 
So after all that excitement it was back to work sewing (well for some of us!!!) Leona is modeling the next sewing project - the cuddle cups. 
Another very productive, rewarding day for sure. 
Teresa xx 


The Inspired Stitcher said...

Teresa, what a great post! These are things I'll never get to experience on this side of the world. It's wonderful to know there are folks who look after the critters in need. How sweet to get to actually hold one!

Susan said...

What a great day, in such a beautiful location too. It's sad that so many animals need rescuing, but good that groups like this exist.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Fantastic effort! The two Madeleines are beautiful xx

Baa. xxx said...

How cool is that. Such a wonderful day making great things for the animal rescue. So great you saw one of them used so quickly.

Karen S said...

How fantastic. A great day of sewing with friends and being able to provide much needed items for orphaned wildlife!!!