Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday -Stitching and Halloween

Today's plan is to sew sew sew!
I am working on my Anna Levens quilt from last weekends workshop with Marg Sampson George. I would really love to get all the middle blocks finished. 
One more completed....
The Tuesday girls thought it would be a fun idea to make everyone a survival kit for the long weekend. 
We filled them with everything we could think of for an emergency ..... bandaid, panadol, safety pin, tissues, toilet paper, stress relief, a game, tea bag, tic tacs, ear plugs, a dammit doll and there were chocolates and lollies as well. 
Helen Stubbings was there and gave us all a lesson usung her appliqué method. 
Then it was time to don the witches hats and have some fun! After all it was Halloween! 
The table was set up with every sweet thing to eat you can imagine!!!
It was so much fun! Everyone got dressed up. Can you imagine 16 witches sitting around, sewing? 
Lib made us all a cute little thread bag made in Halloween fabrics. The spider and finger lolly were inside.
Sandi, Helen, me, Cathy and De. 
Lynda and her gorgeous quilt. 
Cathy and hers. There was plenty of show and tell over the weekend. 
We exchanged our camp swap gifts on Saturday night as well. My gift was from Sarah. I love it. It is a charger/cable caddy just like what I made for Helen. I was very happy to have one of my own and the fabric is perfect. It was full of gifts - binder clips, glue stick refills, diamond nail file, cute ribbon and a bag of lollies. Talk about spoilt!
This is the cable caddy I made for my partner, Helen. 
I also gave Helen an owl eye mask and De got a pair from Sandi too. Love this photo of them modeling their masks. They look a little scared don't you think? 
Such a fun night. Lots of laughs and giggles! Who would have thought 16 witches could have so much fun? 
Teresa xx


Outback Crafter - Debra said...

That looks like so much fun.

Can you please share the inside of the cable caddy? And where the pattern is from. It sounds like a great idea.


Sarah said...

LOL... Halloween was actually quite fun!! Who would have thunked it LOL
Great swap gifts, and I am so glad you didn't make one yourself!!