Thursday, October 29, 2015

A New Addition

Yesterday my son, Jack, and I drove all the way out to a lovely farm at Mt Sylvia. We went to look at some gorgeous border collie pups.....
Jack has been wanting another dog for a very, very long time. This one caught his eye and I must admit he is gorgeous. 
The mother and father have the most beautiful colourings. 
So "Captain" stole Jacks heart and took the long drive home with us. He's adorable. Three months old, so he's already grown quite a bit. 
I think this is the start of a wonderful bond. 
Jacks fiancé loved the surprise (huge sigh of relief!) and their home is now 3!
Now I'm packed for our trip today and will be away for a few days. Hope I get regular updates and photos from my boy and his fur ball! 
Have a great weekend!
Teresa xx
PS love this photo Jack sent me today....


Maria said...

Captain is gorgeous and looks like he fits in very well with his new family..
Enjoy your holiday..

marina said...

Captain is such a handsome pup and his mum and dad are gorgeous too.
So wonderful having a furry baby in the family.

KERYN B said...

Wow what a sweetie...have a great holiday.

Karen S said...

Captain looks like a bundle of fun!

Christine M said...

Captain is so gorgeous.