Friday, September 11, 2015

Tori's Birthday

Today we celebrated Tori's birthday. I just love this painting Jack got her for her new house. I'm taking her out for lunch at a great little cafe called "Whisky Business". They specialize in macarons and high tea. 
We had a couple of drinks to start with. Caramel popcorn and Turkish delight thick shakes!  Delicious!!!
Yummy lunch and of course we couldn't leave there without some of their famous macarons.....
Aren't they pretty? 
Happy Birthday Tori xxxx
We have a little visitor at home who has been regularly calling each morning. He is very friendly and has no problem with us getting up quite close. 
Cute little thing. I'm getting used to finding him in the front yard each morning. 
Teresa xx

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Susan said...

Happy birthday wishes to Tori. I don't know how you got through those milkshakes but they look delicious. I think we have become a haven for the kangaroos in our neighborhood. I have a few outside my bedroom window most mornings, they really are very cute.