Sunday, September 27, 2015

September Sunday Stitchers .

Septembers get together had lots of Show and Tell. Just love how Jeanette's quilt has turned out. 
Susan and her wonderful quilt. 
And Maree. Just love this too! 
Maureen's birthday this month....
I did sew a bit..... You can just see my Trip Around the World at the back there!!!! Hmmmmmm
Have a great day! 
Teresa xx

Sunday, September 20, 2015


We had another wonderful day at O'Reilly's today. This time we took a friend of ours and his girlfriend who is visiting Australia from Spain. 
It is such a beautiful place to show off to anyone, especially our overseas friends. She got to see lots of kangaroos, wallabies and wild camels. The birds were friendly too....
This guy was very friendly. 
"Chatting" with the locals. 
Just love this place! 
Teresa xx

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

STAR Stitchers for Tamborine Animal Rescue

Today I joined a wonderful group of ladies who sew for Tamborine Animal Rescue. What an amazing group of ladies they were too. They usually sew pouches and bags for possums, joeys and gliders but this sewing was a little different. 
Today we were making gauntlets (fingerless gloves made of neoprene) for the bat handlers.  

We made 86 pair, which was a fantastic effort. 
We are really looked after and fed well.  
The views are absolutely gorgeous too.
I think I could look at these views every day!
I had a lot of fun and was so happy to achieve so much in one day. 
On the way home we saw this little guy who seemed just as interested in us! 
Teresa xx

Friday, September 11, 2015

Tori's Birthday

Today we celebrated Tori's birthday. I just love this painting Jack got her for her new house. I'm taking her out for lunch at a great little cafe called "Whisky Business". They specialize in macarons and high tea. 
We had a couple of drinks to start with. Caramel popcorn and Turkish delight thick shakes!  Delicious!!!
Yummy lunch and of course we couldn't leave there without some of their famous macarons.....
Aren't they pretty? 
Happy Birthday Tori xxxx
We have a little visitor at home who has been regularly calling each morning. He is very friendly and has no problem with us getting up quite close. 
Cute little thing. I'm getting used to finding him in the front yard each morning. 
Teresa xx

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Had a lovely day at my friend, Leona's house today. Love this quilt she's working on. 
She makes gorgeous quilts and lots of them. 
And I am stitching too. Working on another round on my Trip Around the World. 

How wonderful does our lunch look? Trying a new recipe and these little quiches are delicious! The "pastry" we used is tortilla wraps. 
Always a great day with best friends. 
Teresa xx

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Just What I Needed!

Had a fabulous day out today with the Tuesday stitching girls. We had a little road trip...... 
First stop was breakfast and a coffee at the Lighthouse restaurant at Cleveland. 
It was a beautiful day and we were all ready for a few laughs. 
We may have taken over the kids playground.....
Love this photo of Norreen and Helen killing themselves laughing. What's that song about a drunken sailor.....  
Yep, we are still in the playground. Nor, Sandi and I (oh and a turtle!) 
A visit to Bayside Stitchcraft. Love this mannequin. 
I spy a Trip Around the World quilt on the wall! 
I bought some gorgeous travel-themed fabrics. 
Still in Cleveland. Another lovely restaurant with lovely views. 
Lunch was delicious. 
The day has changed with lots of ominous-looking clouds forming. 
We stopped by Nikki Tervo's on the way home and I got a few things towards my Christmas secret swap. Norreen gave us all a beautiful gift before we finished off our day. A sweet sewing machine magnet and reel of gorgeous ribbon. Just made my day Nor! 
Had the best day. Lots of laughing along the way. Love these girls to pieces and this was exactly what I needed. They always know how to make everything right! I am so lucky! 
Teresa xx