Thursday, August 6, 2015

Anything Goes

I always enjoy my trips into the city. 
This time was even better as I spent the day with my eldest son. We tried a new cafe in Paddington called the Kettle and Tin. It was lovely. I had a pulled pork mexican burger. Yum!!! 
We also visited one of my very favourite antique shops - in the old Paddington Theatre. 
I haven't been here for ages and it was a lot of fun! They have so much great stuff. 
Jars and jars of old buttons!
I picked up a sweet set of jam and sugar spoons and butter knife. 
.....and a set of 6 antique Czech bowls for my dad. 
Always fun ferreting around the antiques with this kid. Can you see the gorgeous blue, high ceiling in the old theatre? 
Then I was off into the CBD to QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts). I never tire of the city skyline and always have a walk along the river beforehand). 
I've gone in to have dinner and catch up with my uncles and see the show "Anything Goes". 
Me and my uncles! Love these two guys so much. The one on the left works at QPAC, so he always knows what's on, what's coming and when the tickets are available. He always asks me to go to shows with him as he knows how much I love the theatre. Sometimes we can talk the other one into seeing a show with us.
 The show was wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable. The lead, Caroline O'Connor was brilliant. She is so funny, has an amazing voice, dances and tap dances up a storm and was totally the star of the show.
Just loved it. 
Hope you're having a wonderful week! 
Teresa xx 


Jo in TAS said...

Oh you make me miss Brissie! I used to visit that antique shop and saw many shows at QPAC, it's a fabulous venue.

marina said...

lots of great new 'old' treasures.
what a fun show, my aunty and I saw it years ago... Caroline O'connor is such a talent.

Susan said...

Sounds like a fun day - love your pic of Brisbane City