Tuesday, July 14, 2015

French Festival

Last weekend saw the French Festival come to Brisbane. I had the best day!!!! Jack came with me, in fact Jack took me there, as I'm still having car troubles - so over that!!! 
There was lots to see and do and eat!!!
There were Can Can girls, and lots of lovely french music and singing. 
But best of all, there was so much wonderful food to eat - including a perfect crème brûlée.   
And macarons!!!! Lots of macarons!!! 
Then we met up with James in the city and I had a lovely afternoon with these two crazy boys of mine! 
Never a dull moment! 
After a walk around the city we settled on a great, quirky little cafe called "Felix" in Burnett Lane. 
Delicious fruit toast with hazelnut ricotta - so good I've now got all the ingredients and made my own at home this afternoon! Yum! 
Lots of great places to visit around the city including the museum, GOMA and the State Library. 
Love these boys and it's so nice to see them catch up and enjoy each other's company. 
Huge, exhausting day but I loved every minute. My view walking to work that evening just topped it all off. 
Have a great week
Teresa xx


Melody said...

Sounds like a perfect day

Chookyblue...... said...

sounds like a perfect day.............

Michelle Ridgway said...

What a wonderful day and right up your "french street" perfect spendng time with your boys xx

Karen S said...

What a great festival.Looks like a lot of great entertainment.

marina said...

you and those boys know how to have such a great time together!
Did you book that festival in for Brisbane??