Monday, July 27, 2015

Color Run

Yesterday I got to participate in something I've wanted to do for ages. The Color Run! 
Lauren, Tori, me and Jack.... I'm so happy I went with these guys. They truly made the day ..... From Jack playing us songs all the way to the Coast in the early hours with songs that had the word "colour" or "run" in them to get a positive vibe going.... Through the entire course getting painted and coloured.... To having photos together, to the concert at the end, we shared the whole experience. And it was so much FUN! 
We went to the one on at Robina on the Gold Cosst. How lovely and clean do we look at the beginning? I've heard that these events are a lot of fun - but I had NO idea just how much fun!!! 
There were thousands of us there. 
Love this pic of Jack. We've just started the "happiest 5k" and you can see our first "paint" section.  Can you see the purple cloud in the distance? Oh yeah! 
Getting a little more colourful! 
My favourite "colour" section was actually the "white" one!!!! The snow zone was all white foam and it was great! 
We made it!!! After the 5ks there's a fantastic Final Festival.... And that means more colour! 
Did I tell you we had fun???? 
There are so many photos,  but I'll add them here over the next few days. 
They call it the Happiest 5k and that's a perfect name for it. 
This has been one crazy, full on, wonderful weekend! 
Teresa xx

More photos ....


marina said...

well done Teresa!!
looks like a ball.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Wow! Just fantastic! Wonderful photos xx

sunny said...

So, did you have fun?? Sounds like a great day.

Baa. xxx said...

Wow! That looks super fun!

Christine M said...

Well done Teresa. Mitchell joined one of these last year and absolutely loved it.

Lynda said...

What a great day to share with your family!

Chookyblue...... said...

OMg you made it.....well do you have to walk home.........