Thursday, June 4, 2015

Winter Days and Sewing

Lately it has been getting cooler at night which means lots of furry cuddles under warm quilts ....
But the days are still glorious. Today my boy took me for a drive - don't you just love it when you can sit back and let them do the driving for a change? 
Love this kid!!!
We had a very yummy lunch. I just love mexican and these nachos were the best!!! Then a short drive to a wonderful park, picnic grounds, water park, cafe and bush walks. So close to home and I had no idea it was there. Wonderful. The weather was perfect today. We really do have mild winter days....and they are lovely! 
A bit of a catch up on my blocks in the Farm Girl Vintage sew along.  This one is the churn dash block with a bit of a twist - a cute heart in the centre. 
This one is the cool threads block. I am really loving this sew along!!! Even if the colours are not what I'm used to playing with. 
And another couple of butterflies for present decorations....
I've also been making some cards using buttons in a button swap I'm in. 
This is one of them ... a cupcake of buttons.
A great way to use up my button stash. 
I'm cooking in the slow cooker again today and the smell wafting though the house is divine. Shredded beef - so it will be another mexican meal tonight.  Best kind of cooking when the nights get cool. 
Hope you're staying warm!
Teresa xx 


marina said...

some lovely feline company there..
great day out with your boy x
such pretty new blocks and those butterflies look so pretty.
clever card!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Great blocks and your cupcake cards are so cute. Love a casserole or similar making the house smell all cosy...hope it was good x

Susan said...

Very snug (and a bit crowded) under the quilt. Love Queensland winters. Looks like a good company, good food, and a good day out.

sunny said...

Looks like you're living the dream!

Lynda said...

Used to drive our dog absolutely nuts when I had the slow cooker on while I was at work. Another great day out for you and Jack.

Karen S said...

Your days look lovely and what a wonderful way to spend them.
Love the blocks, too, and the button cards.