Thursday, June 18, 2015


Today was unexpected to say the least. 
James and I had an extremely early start to the Gold Coast airport. He was on his way back to Queenstown, NZ, for four days with a mate. They were very excited after hearing the snowfall overnight had been huge. Unfortunately there had been so much snow, they closed the airport. So 10 minutes before they were due to fly out - the flight was cancelled. 
Luckily I had gone across the road to Kirra Beach to take a few photos of the sun and the beach. 
So I was still close by to pick him back up and bring him home. On the upside (well for me anyhow!) I got to spend another whole day and night with him.
To console himself he then spent the weekend in Byron Bay!!! Sounds ok to me! 
Teresa xx


marina said...

well you both made the most of a bad situation!

Karen S said...

That's a real good news, bad news story. In the end it worked out.