Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Had a very lovely Mother's Day this year. Thankfully my mum is still close enough to home for us all to get together.  
She is back on the road in her bus next week so today was my last chance to see her for who knows how long! So grateful for the 5 months she's been here and I've enjoyed every moment we got to spend together. This is a pic of me, mum,  my niece and my sister. It was wonderful to all be together. 
Tori, Jack, my hubby, me, mum, Maddi, Annette and Frankie. Unfortunately James had to work today so we will have to catch up later. 
My brother sent me his present for mum to give to her on the day. He knew she would open it early if she received it before Mother's Day. We know her well and she can't be trusted where early presents are concerned. Anyway I told him seeing as he always gives wonderful presents, that I was going to put my name on the present and make out it was from me. When it came in the mail my "hilarious" brother had written "To Mum, from Brock, not Teresa" on it. Very funny! I left it that way to show mum and share the joke with her. But he had gone one step further.....
I laughed so much when mum unwrapped that layer. On every side (and I mean EVERY side) of the parcel was a neatly typed label that said..."This gift is from Brock, despite what Teresa may have told you..x". I laughed my head off!!!! He really did give her an awesome present too, damn it!!! 
We had a delicious lunch - Mother's Day special - at Five Mile Creek Tavern. It was really lovely and topped off with Belgian chocolate  waffles. 
Very special day for all of us. 
Teresa xx 

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