Thursday, April 9, 2015


We had a wonderful day yesterday. 
My eldest son has a friend over from the UK at the moment and what better way to show him a little bit of Australia than a trip up to O'Reillys via Duck Creek Road.
The weather was glorious. The sky so blue and after all that rain at easter, the 4WD road up to O'Reillys was a lot rougher than the last time we went up. Perfect!!!! 
The views up there are some of the best views I've seen anywhere! 
Another wonderful thing you can do up there is feed the birds. This is so much fun. 
The spectacular tree top walk is also a "Must Do". The suspension bridge, the climb to the very top of the tree canopy, the walk through the gorgeous rainforest, the strangler fig trees ...... So beautiful. 
Just the best day! I will never say no to a trip up to this beautiful place! 
Teresa xx


Karen S said...

It does look like a wonderful location!

Michelle Ridgway said...

A lovely way to showcase our place. Beautiful piccies x