Saturday, April 18, 2015

Norreen's Birthday

Another birthday celebration this weekend and today we celebrated Norreen's 60th Birthday. 
The Tuesday girls got together with Nor's family for a lovely lunch and we certainly did have fun.
Lunch was amazing but the dessert was even more so.....
It was called "Opera slice" and it was delicious. 
I just love Norreens crazy sense of humour and today was no different. The birthday girl dressed in her tiara, party hat (or should that be hats) and feathers!!!! So much fun and so much laughing.
How amazing does the cake look? ... and yes, there were 60 candles on the cake!!!
We all bought pieces of a matching gorgeous tea set for Nor. Pale blue with gorgeous roses inside. Shame we spoilt the classiness of it all with an inappropriate birthday card! No surprise really!!!! 
Had a lovely day and so glad we were all able to be there and celebrate with our wonderful friend on such a special birthday. 
Love you to bits Nor xxxx


Fiona said...

Happy Birthday Noreen, how lovely to all join together to get that beautiful set...

Baa. xxx said...

Love the china. Doesn't the cake look amazing with all those candles on - ha! Nearly a fire hazard!

Chookyblue...... said...

5 posts come thru all at once for you.........such a fun mean girls putting 60 candles on the cake......could you eat it after all that wax dropped on it????

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

What a great looking day.
I hope Noreen wasn't a fire risk with that feather boa and 60 candles.

A lovely tea set too.