Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Museum of Brisbane

In our gorgeous City Hall is a wonderful little museum. They have a wide range of  interesting exhibits that changes all the time ..... and is free!!!! I love going to the Museum of Brisbane and today I saw two wonderful exhibitions.
The first was "The View from Here". Such amazing old photos taken in and around Brisbane.
So interesting and so many recognizable places and icons in the photos. Like the old Brisbane Windmill. 
This is it today. 
And this one of the old Victoria bridge. 
This is the Victoria bridge abutment and memorial that still stands today. I really enjoyed the history and the memories of these incredible photos. 
The second exhibition we saw was the Costumes from the Golden Era of Hollywood. This was fabulous.  
I loved seeing the costumes up close as well as the photos and movies of the actors wearing the actual costumes. Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball, Fred Astaire, Julie Andrews, Ava Gardner, Debbie Retnolds and so many more.  
This is really worth seeing and it's still on until the end of May. 
I can't go into the city on a Wednesday without a visit to the wonderful food markets in front of the casino. My loot was for dinner tonight.....
Homemade rosemary and olive bread, fresh chicken ravioli and creamy mushroom sauce. It was absolutely delicious!!!!  
Love trips into the city! 
Teresa xx

PS while I was at the museum with my uncle, my boys were catching up for lunch in the city and sent me this photo....


Dianne said...

Love Brissy.

Susan said...

We didn't make it to the museum, but those Wednesday markets were amazingly yummy. We went to Eat Street on Saturday too.....scrumptious.

Karen S said...

Two great exhibitions. I enjoy seeing the history of a city and these photos would be wonderful. Love the costumes, too.