Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Birthdays and Bunnies

When it's one of the Tuesday girls birthdays it's up to her to choose how we celebrate and where. We've gone on road trips, out to cafes, gone on shopping trips and had high teas. It was Sandi's birthday on Sunday and she chose .....
To treat all of us to a delicious, beautiful lunch and for us to bring over our sewing machines and make wonky bunnies together......
We have all fallen in love with Anni Downs bunny pattern "Bippity and Bruce". And in true Anni style the bunnies are wonky, quirky and full of character. 
First things first, we enjoy a cuppa, delicious butterfly cakes (made by the birthday girl!) and Easter eggs! 
Now, even though we took Sandi on a secret road trip last week to surprise her with a visit to the Rose nursery and a gift of a rose topiary for her birthday...we had another surprise. She has been hinting (persistently) that she would love a water bottle holder made for all three of us made her one! 
How awkward is it going to be from now on? Everywhere we go, all three of us will be checking to see which holder she's using and who has obviously made her "favourite"!!!! At least she has one now!!!
Then into some serious bunny sewing. 
She truly is a unique bunny! 
Together and waiting for the rest of her clothes....
This is her cute little bunny tail. 
There was birthday cake and more celebrating ....
And Macy was there being her cute self as usual. 
We had a wonderful day and I really enjoyed myself. In fact it was like it was our birthday too. On the way to the car I spotted the Birthday roses and couldn't get over how many roses have bloomed on the topiary since we got it. It's beautiful. 
Homework was finishing off "Bippity". 
She has a cute little reversible dress and a sweet bag with an Easter egg inside. 
Can't wait to have all the bunnies back together next Tuesday for a group photo! 
Thanks so much Sandi for a fabulous day ... This was such a good idea. 
Hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as we all did!!!! 
Teresa xx


Chookyblue...... said...

always such a fun day with you girls..........

Cath said...

Great birthday fun! I absolutely love your bunny! Hope you take a group photo!

Susan said...

What ab saito full day together. Those bunnies are so cute.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Loved your post .... So much fun I wonder what those walls would say if they could talk xxx