Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday Stitching

Today we are working on our wreaths again and the decorations today are little peppermint candies. 
Sandi's show and tell. Libby Richardsons  mystery quilt. I absolutely love it. 
Norreen wearing her "halo" which is actually our wreath base that Sandi's hubby made for all of us. These are going to be so much better than using cardboard. 
Beautiful Macy asleep on one of Sandi's dolls! Poor doll! 
I did have homework today .... But ...All 6 candies are now finished! 
I've also been working on my Lynette Anderson's project from the workshop at Nundle. Love these triangles and hexies and I love the fabrics too! 
Teresa xx

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Karen S said...

Good to see these little pieces still appearing!