Friday, March 27, 2015

A Surprise for Sandi

Soon it is one of the Tuesday girls birthdays....Sandi! One of her suggestions for a birthday present was a rose plant and as she loves roses so much, this resulted in the rest of us hatching a "surprise road trip". 
All Sandi knew was we were picking her up and.........Yep, that was all! 
We ended up on Tamborine Mountain at the wonderful Birchwoods nursery that sells beautiful roses. (It has a wonderful cafe too!) 
Yummy spiced fig cheesecake and a chai did not disappoint! 
After looking at lots of beauties we found the perfect one......
It's actually a topiary rose bush and has been grafted to have two beautiful roses on it.  A gorgeous burgundy and a white. 
However, we didn't really think it through and how we were going to fit it in Helens car. Helen is somewhere in this photo in the car!!!
It was so much fun to surprise Sandi today and I really hope she likes her early birthday present. Love days like this! 
Teresa xx
Sandi's photo of Helen, Norreen and I. Pretty happy with our surprise "trip". 

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Cath said...

What a fabulous birthday surprise! You can't beat kind, thoughtful friends!