Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day!

So how did you celebrate Valentine's Day? Were you showered with roses and chocolates? Or did you help your son move house? Ha ha!!!!!
Though I can't complain .... I did have ice cream for breakfast! A "Cupids Float" to be exact. And it was delicious!
Just have to show you what Jack gave Tori for Valentine's Day. Isn't he gorgeous? He only just fitted in the car! He's been "hiding" in our house for 2 weeks which was NO easy task!
This is the bear when he arrived....all 2.2 metres of him. 
Someone's been sleeping in MY bed! Ha ha!!! 
Back to my Valentine's Day - this is the back of my car being packed up with James "stuff" for the move.  I had to laugh!!! Lucky I didn't get pulled up by the police! Don't worry the legs are fake, but it doesn't look good! 
His new place is lovely with great views of the city from a fantastic, huge entertaing deck.
This photo also makes me laugh...can you see his shorts? Yep he wore the moustache boxer shorts I made for him all day. Sigh! 
Looks like a great house, with great possibilities. 
I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day! 
Teresa xx 


marina said...

wow that is one huge bear!
Is that why there are the pair of legs in the car, did the bear find him first?
James has picked a lovely house.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Very cute ted. Happy housewarming to your lad x