Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Laughs

Had a fabulous day with the girls today!
We were on fire with our Christmas wreath decorations..... It seems we are getting faster and more proficient (or we just don't care anymore and are trying to get this over as quickly as possible!!)
First finish was a little drum with lots of bling! 
We finished before we'd even had lunch and as the other decorations took much longer to make, none of us had any other project there with us to work on. 
So we kept going snd finished a second decoration. A cute little ice skating boot. 
Earlier in the day I told the girls I needed to take a photo of the three of them for my photo challenge today. I didn't tell them what the challenge topic was ...they are such good friends that they didn't ask a single question just posed for a pic. They know me so well and are getting used to me taking a thousand photos every chance I get. 
They needed to squash up a bit and, how do I say this politely? The couch wasn't really big enough for the 3 of them!!!! I got so many pics of them laughing and pulling faces. 
Well after taking many, many photos and laughing our heads off - I got the shot I wanted. And the photo challenge was.... "This inspires me..."  These 3 friends inspire me every day. They are the most giving, encouraging, inspirational people I know and I am lucky to have them in my life. 
Now after that serious bit came something very funny. 
Norreen had been pulling faces today and I told her I was going to get a pic of her going cross eyed. Of course I wasn't fast enough. When I got home I had the chance to sit down and go through all the photos. I almost fell off the chair laughing. Norreen is such a crack up ... Just look what she did....
Love these girls so much! Always there for a laugh and a giggle! 
One more photo .... these three then got stuck in the lounge ha ha ha! 
I really did get a good belly laugh going through all the photos!  Thanks girls for another fabulous Tuesday. Love you to bits! 
Teresa xx


Chookyblue...... said...

no wonder you have laughed too much today you were with the girls who are permanently on laughing gas......

marina said...

you girls are steaming through those ornaments, great going.
Especially seeing as there was so much laughing and silliness going on lol

shez said...

Lol that's so funny you girls are crazy ,lol,I love the mischief you all get into,lol love your decorations,can't wait to get my kit xx

Sandi said...

Still laughing here too...might have to get these photos up on my wall so I get a laugh every time I go past...lol xx

Lynda said...

What a great day!

Melody said...

Bought a smile to my face. You do always seem such a happy bunch

Karen S said...

This looks like the best fun and you even did some stitching!