Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Stitching Part 3

Another fabulous day with the girls today. Although it was a bit different to a normal Tuesday. Helen decided to help Norreen set up her blog (ahhh yet again!) while Sandi and I sewed the next little decorations for our Christmas wreath. 
It started off quite nicely and normal like ..... 
But then the enormity of Norreens blogging problems and lack of technological expertise got the better of Helen. Unfortunately Sandi and I were absolutely no help at all - actually we lost the plot with giggles and childish behavior today for some reason. I think our drinks were spiked! 
However.... We did keep on sewing and listening to the others talk about passwords and emails and "I've never heard of that before" and "I've no idea what that means". You get the idea. 
So today's finish is not one.... but two! ....little Christmas gifts for our wreath. 
Aren't they cute? 
Candy canes are next on the list! That is if Helen and Norreen catch up from today's effort. 
Apart from all the craziness, we still had heaps of fun! 
Hope you had a great day too! 
Teresa xx

PS Later tonight while watching the tennis I finished off these two mugrugs.


Marilyn said...

The little ornaments for your wreaths are all so beautiful. They are going to be gorgeous.

Christine M said...

Great action shots of Norreen and Helen! Your ornaments are gorgeous, Teresa.

retdairyqueen said...

Very cute projects there
Love the little ornies

shez said...

Hi Teresa I am loving seeing how your Xmas wreath is coming along,the parcels are so cute,yes I can just pic you and SAndi up to mischief,lol.xx

Lynda said...

You girls are hilarious.

Susan said...

I do think you and Sandi should have made extra ornaments for Helen & Noreen...instead of giggling away....yes??

marina said...

poor Helen and Noreen, couldn't anyone kidnap a teeanager to help out?
love your little parcels, this is going to be an amazing piece.

Karen S said...

The little gifts are lovely. No, I am no help with the technical side of anything, either.