Thursday, January 29, 2015

Not What I Thought I'd Be DoingToday

I had one of those days today that had its own agenda and It's own plan.
After getting up extremely early to see my  son off this morning I planned to go back to sleep. Well that didn't happen so I decided to tea stain some beautiful laces I have for an upcoming project. That's what you do when you put on the kettle for a cuppa isn't it? 
I managed to get them all on the line to dry and at this stage I was still in my pyjamas. Then I got a phone call....
My lovely neighbour was at the Gold Coast airport waiting to board a plane to Japan ....... Without her passport. 
I literally threw some clothes on, got her passport and headed to the coast. Google map said it would take an hour and 25 minutes to get there and the plane boarded in an hour and 5 minutes. It was one very stressful car ride! 
When I drove up to departures she was there, running to the car. The look on her face was priceless! 
I am super pleased to say the airline held the plane as I was on my way to get there and she boarded with 3 minutes to spare before the plane taxied off. What a huge relief!
Well I was on the Gold Coast.... so I thought I'd better go and at least look at the water... and the sand... and it was a beautiful day!!!

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