Monday, January 19, 2015

Movies Again!

It has been so hot here this last week and it doesn't appear to be any different today.
We got a bucket of rain out of this storm this morning and it has cooled off a little this afternoon. 
We decided it was a good idea to hit the movies again (and the air conditioning!) This time we saw "Into the Woods". Definitely not Jacks idea of a great movie but I really enjoyed it. Very entertaing and made you feel you were at the theater seeing a live musical rather than at the movies. Anyway I love to be entertained and transported in time and place and this movie did just that. I did notice on the way out that Jack was whistling the theme song "Into the Woods". Ha ha! 
Now I'm off to work and hoping they've finally fixed the air con at work. It's been unbearable over the last couple of weeks! 
Teresa xx

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