Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Australia Day Sewing

I spent most of my Australia Day holiday doing what I love .... sewing! 
I meant to catch up on things that HAD to be finished ..... but I got a little distracted! 
One of the challenges I set myself this year was joining Whipstitchers "Sewing Bucket List" of things to sew in 2015. Number 1 was "something for the sewing room". I made a great little tool caddy which I will get around to blogging about before too long!!! The second item on the list was "something for HIM". I knew exactly what I wanted to make and I had this great mustache fabric in my stash which was perfect. Another challenge this year is to try and use my fabric stash first. 
Boxer shorts for the boys ... Well first I wanted to make a pair for my husband as he's always worn ones I've made. I have a great pattern I've had for years and I've lost track of how many shorts I've made. The pattern is from size 4 years to XXL - so it's been versatile! 
Then I decided to make a pair for my eldest son to add to his birthday present stack. I added a nifty little mustache bag to put them in. 
I couldn't make for them and leave the youngest son out ...so....
He got a pair too! 
I also made a couple of little spool blocks and turned them into mug rugs. 
Just have the binding to do to finish them off. 
A lot of secret sewing was done today too. I can only show you a sneak peek for now. I love these fabrics.
It's been a very hot, humid Australia Day for us today. No air con meant for a very sticky, sweaty day of sewing. I hope you had a great day and managed to stay cooler than I did. We finished off the day with a very "Aussie" dinner. Nice and quick and tasty but it also meant I got back into the sewing quicker! 
Hope you had a great day! 
Teresa xx 


Jeanette said...

Love the moustache boxers. They look great. Hugs,xx

Deb said...

Teresa, I love the moustache boxers. They are fabulous and their little carry bags, what a brill idea. That material is great, it would make really cool pj pants. Thoughts, and ideas being born here!!!

shez said...

Hi Teresa i love how you made a matching bag for the boxers,what a fantastic gift to give,we were the opposite here weather wise we have gone back to having the heaters on,our summer has disappeared,lol,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

Lynda said...

Lots of fun sewing at your place. It's great to be using up the stash.

Karen S said...

You did make the most of the day! Well done.
Love the boxers! Good luck with the challenges.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Very cool stitching!!! Love that fabric. Your dinner looked like ours xx

Christine said...

What fabulous boxer fabric! The men in your house are very stylish. Your spool mug rugs are rather cute too and we not only eat the same food but eat it from the same china!

Susan said...

Fantastic fabric. I'm sure they will love their new boxers.

marina said...

lots of lovely sewing happening at your place.