Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Party at Gail's

Wednesday this week was my Christmas party with Leona, Gail and Barbara - my arty girlfriends - well they all paint and are wonderful artists except for me ha ha!!!!
I've taken lots of photos of the day, including all the pressies and the delicious food - and none of the girls!!! Very slack. Anyway - this is the gorgeous present I received from Leona. Beautiful English China vase and sugar bowl. Aren't they gorgeous? 
Gail is an incredible cook and she made us all an absolutely amazing lunch. We had a huge bowl of Vietnamese beef and vegetables. It was sooooo good. 
Then she "whipped" up our dessert!!! 
Oh My!!!! Heaven on a plate! We had icecream with salted caramel sauce with meringue pieces and almonds. On the side were homemade brownies, blondies and white chocolate rocky road. It was fabulous!!!!
More presents from the girls - a gorgeous teapot from Barbara, the hand painted card is from Leona and Gail also made us a Christmas cake. How good does it look? 
Had a wonderful day - lots of laughs, great friends and delicious food. Can't ask for anything else. 
Thank you girls for a lovely day! 
Teresa xx
PS just had to show you the photo of Leona's gorgeous painting....
She asked me to send her my photo of the roses my hubby gave me. This is the painting of those roses. I just love it - and now she has given it to me. I think this is so special and will be treasured. 


sunny said...

Wow. What a day. The vase and sugar bowl are absolutely gorgeous, and the painting is beautiful!!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Aww! What a fantastic Leona's gorgeous artwork and such a treasured keepsake for you...too busy having a sugar rush of my own to know what to say about that decadent dessert!