Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing Day

Traditionally we celebrate Christmas with my side of the family on Boxing Day. As always it's a fabulous day. I love being with my family and catching up. There is always a lot of talking, laughing, reminiscing, eating and photo taking!!!! So much fun.
Happy and sad this Christmas - sad my brother couldn't make it up from Melbourne this year, but happy that my mum was close enough to come and that James was home for Christmas (for a change!). I sent lots of photos to my brother and talked on the phone so he was "sort of" there!
My family! Love you so much! 
We always take photos every Christmas get together. It's a wonderful idea as we have group photos of all of us each year showing how much we've changed and how much the kids have grown up. 
Now even though James was eggnogged out from another party last night.....
...that didn't stop us getting a photo of the kids together!!!! Heh heh heh! 
The food, especially the desserts, are soooo good. 
My dad is making sure no one misses out on the icecream, Christmas pudding and brandy custard, cherries and trifle. Yum! 
We got some great family photos this year and I especially love this one of my sister, my mum and I. It was so funny as we all agreed we never wear white pants, but we all managed to do just that this year! 
Me and my boys. I'm very happy to have them both here this Christmas. 
Tori and Jack. Such a cute couple! 
Me and my lovely niece, Maddi. 
And my dad and his girls. 
Just love all the memories I have now of another wonderful day together. 
It appears technology has a hold on my dad and sister! There has to be another photo of someone misbehaving! 
Love you all 
Teresa xx

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