Friday, November 21, 2014

The Romantic Vintage Markets

Once a month there is a gorgeous little market on just outside the beautiful shop Linen and Lace at Cleveland. The stalls are beautiful and full of vintage loveliness. 
It was on again last Sunday and I was lucky enough to go with my lovely friend Michelle - and I had the best day. 
We had a delicious morning tea...
Home made lemon slice and coffees in beautiful china surrounded by sweet smelling roses! 
Michelle took this photo of me enjoying our morning tea. 
Bears and Old Lace were there and I've been following this gorgeous business for ages. I loved everything on her table! 
Linen and Lace never disappoints and I just loved her Christmas tree and ornaments on display.
I bought so many gorgeous things. Lovely laces and ribbons from Bears and Old Lace, beautiful hand made rose brooches from Claudette and Hester Handmade and see that sweet little painted sewing sign and stand? 
 Check out what the stand is made from... A vintage fork! Love it! This was made by the lovely Tracey of Rose Petals Past. 
This beautiful bracelet is handmade from Liliah Rose Jewellery and it was the very first thing I saw when I got there.  I couldn't buy the very first thing I saw, so I left it behind, but thought of it over and over. Just before we left I checked if it was still there. It was and of course I felt I had waited long enough. I just couldn't resist. The heart is made from an old vintage piece of china. 
Just had to show you the gorgeous Christmas ornament Michelle has made for me. It's so cute! Beautiful card and bag too. I have been spoilt! 
Before I left for home Michelle and I visited the Chung Tian Temple. It is so beautiful and peaceful. It really was incredible. We will have to go back another day when we have more time and visit the museum and have some tea. 
What an amazing place and a wonderful day. 
Thank you Michelle for sharing such a lovely day with me. 
Teresa xx



Maravillosas fotos!!!

sunny said...

What a wonderful day. I've already told Michelle that I'm coming over to go with you next time. I would totally love all the little beauties.

Melody said...

How lovely to spend time with michelle. love your buys, beautiful

Christine M said...

What a gorgeous painted picture and stand, Teresa. Looks like you and Michelle had a wonderful day out.

marina said...

what a gorgeous shop and to share it with lovely company makes it perfect!
love your buys especially that bracelet, I wouldn't have left it there either...
Michelle's gingie is too cute.

Fiona said...

looks just the perfect place for the two of you to go and play! Nice shopping...

Michelle Ridgway said...

Thanks for your lovely company made enjoying all the pretties so much nicer. Definitely a date for tea xxx

Virginia Juster said...

Could you put me in your handbag and take me along on your days out? Love that little "fork" stand. What a find.