Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday Fun

Always a good day when it's Tuesday and I get to go stitching with the girls.
When it's at Sandi's house we also get to see gorgeous Macy... She's growing so fast.
Show and tell today meant I got to see Sandi's gorgeous Christmas Bells quilt. I just love it.
I worked on Wendy's Christmas Stitch Along and finished this weeks "Joy" stitchery. 
Another great day with the girls.
This evening was a work mates last night at work, so in her break I took up this cake for her.. Just a bit of chocolate decorating!!
Hope you're having a lovely day!
Teresa xx



Preciosos trabajos. Tu gatito es muy bonito, besos

Michelle Ridgway said...

Stitching with friends is always lovely. Sandi's quilt looks great. Wow! That is my kind of cake xx