Friday, October 17, 2014

Canungra to Cleveland!

I had a wonderful day on Friday with the Tuesday girls!! Seems any day can be a Tuesday girls outing!!!
First we went to check out a friends new store in Canungra. Nora has opened a shoe store there called the "Shoe Vault" (it's in the old Canungra Bank!)
Sandi's hubby made the signs for the shop and they look great.
I found a pair of the most comfortable shoes ever - made out of coloured elastic. 
Then it was off to Mt Tamborine where the Scarecrow Festival is on.
But first we went to the Birchgrove Nursery/Cafe which was a lovely surprise.
Not only do they have beautiful roses and flowers everywhere but there was this little hidden Cafe full of antiques and shabby chic gorgeousness.
Morning tea was a real treat. 
Then off to the Scarecrow Festival, taking the trail so we didn't miss anything.
There were so many scarecrows and I took heaps of photos but I'll just show you some of my favourites .....
Sandi found Captain Sparrow!!!
This was absolutely fantastic. The biggest dragon from the land of Maug (Lord of the Rings) - completely made of hay - and Froddo. It was really done well and it sure was your typical "scarecrow" as it had a man inside it who scared all of us when we got up close to it. It was pretty funny after I got over the initial fright!!!
Hmmmm doesn't look like we are ever going to grow up!!!!
Then there was "Gullivers Travels" made by the local school and it was gigantic.
Oh and a "Hayoodle" complete with giant leash attached to the tree.
So many scarecrows including this real little cutie. 
Then we were off again.
We figured we were already out and about so we should drive all the way to Cleveland where we'd heard of a beautiful shop called "Linen and Lace". 
After a quick drop in to see Joy at Bayside Stitchcraft and a few lovely fabric purchases ....
We found the shop. 
Talk about gorgeous.  I was in Vintage Heaven!!!
Everywhere you looked was something to ooh and ahh  over.
Sooo beautiful.
I found the most gorgeous pink lace scarf and cute photo frame.
As well as some lovely hand dyed lace and embroidered pieces. 
Then on to lunch. By this time it was after 2 and the stomachs were rumbling. 
Thank you so much Sandi for doing all that driving yesterday. I had another great day and it was so much fun. (Exhausting but FUN!).
So glad these girls are always up for a road trip and adventure!!!!
Teresa xx


Christine M said...

Looks like another wonderful day out, Teresa. The goodies you bought home are just gorgeous.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Another Tuesdays girls terrific day! Cute shoes. Love Marilyn's shop. She works so hard to make it gorgeous. I have known her for years and she has exquisite taste xx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

I'm glad the Premier hasn't brought in a law against SO MUCH FUN! ;-)
Love the pics...and swooning over the goodies.x

Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely road trip with us. I will have to check out linen and lace looks like a great shop.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Perfect day out .,,