Thursday, September 25, 2014

Brisbane Festival

had a wonderful day in the city yesterday, soaking up all the fun and excitement of the Brisbane Festival. 
Found my first pink bunny at Southbank!
I spent the day with my youngest boy and my uncle. First we went to one of the best shows I've ever seen by an amazing group called Circa. Their show was called "The Physical Impossibility of Disappearing". 
It was showing in the incredible wooden Spiegeltent "Magic Mirrors". I learned the Spiegeltent was built in the 1800's, it took 17 crates to get it here and it's the first time it's been in Australia. Inside is so beautiful.
At the top of all the wooden panels are stained glass windows, so inside the colours coming through the glass were incredible.
This is the fabric ceiling. 
Photography of the performance wasn't allowed, but these pics are from Circa's FB site and are of yesterday's show. 
It was just breathtaking and if you get the chance to see this troupe, it is definitely worth going! 
Of course we didn't miss the chance to do a quick walk around the art gallery as well. 
This artwork looked like a solid hanging piece, but when you got close to it, it went through the wall. 
Just love our art gallery, our Southbank, the festival and all the amazing things going on in our city right now. 
Oh I found another couple of bunnies at the Treasury Casino too! 
Have s great day! 
Teresa xx

P.S. They used my comment....
PPS I got two new charms for my bracelet while I was in the city too. 
A camera (self explanatory!) and the cutest little NZ kiwi (for my tennis/holiday trip there and the time my boys have spent there). 
PPPS That evening we went to the Norman Hotel for dinner. We found Jack'a name on the Honour roll. It's from the night of his 18th birthday when he ate the 1kg steak dinner! 
Pretty cool! 


marina said...

looks like an amazing show!
love the pink bunnies, what is their purpose?

Michelle Ridgway said...

Its a fabulous festival. Looks like a wonderful show. Never tire of the art gallery. What a great day.

Melody said...

Looks like a wonderful day

shez said...

Hi Teresa sounds like a fantastic day,spent with special people,so glad you had lots of fun.xx

Noela said...

That is one big pink bunny Teresa. Looks like you had a wonderful day. hugs.....

Karen said...

Fantastic way to spend the day.