Saturday, August 9, 2014

That Time of the Year Again.....

....When I get to feel like a great big kid....
....Remembering all the wonderful memories of growing up and going off to the Ekka every year.
Besides all the usual Ekka fun, there were a few "new" things this year. There were old pianos everywhere, all colourfully painted and with "Play me" emblazoned on them. It was a fantastic idea with so many kids and adults playing them all over the Ekka grounds. 
Jack and I having a bit of fun with some chalk paintings! 
We always enjoy the food! 
Especially the strawberry ice creams. They are THE BEST!!! 
The quilts are always a treat. 
I just had to stick Jack in this photo so you get an idea of the size of it. It was made entirely using the tiniest little hexies! 
Just love the colour, excitement and fun of the Ekka! 
And the night entertainment and fireworks were amazing. They seem to get better every year.
We almost didn't go this year, but I'm so glad we changed our minds and made the effort. It definitely was worth it. 
Teresa xx


Me and My Stitches said...

What a fun day!!

Karen said...

I sometimes forget how much fun these shows can be. Love the pics!