Wednesday, June 18, 2014

No Stitching on Tuesday?????

What? No stitching with the girls this week? That's because Helen has a new car .......
Yes she does! So of course we made her take us all for a drive!!!! Poor Helen!!!
Seriously.... Heh heh heh .....We can turn any situation into a fun day together. 
I love these girls. Such a fun day and we didn't even know where we were going!
First a trip to a great scrapbooking shop (that is closing down unfortunately!) Check out the sweet pins and doilies. 
But we did score ourselves some beaut bargains. 
Of course a day out wouldn't be complete without a drink and bite to eat. The Coffee Club definitely didn't disappoint. Thanks to Helen telling me about this .... I had the most delicious drink ever .... Hazelnut hot chocolate with a shot of coffee. 
And churros!!!!! I love churros. 
Such a great, spur of the moment, fun day. 
Oh! And the car is fantastic, by the way!!!! We all fit in and that's the most important part!!!!
I did manage a little bit of stitching in the evening with a fur baby sleeping on my lap, keeping me warm. 
Hope you're having a great week! 
Teresa xx 


marina said...

nothing better than an impromptu outing!
Love your new stitchery, it's absolutely gorgeous and how great to stitch in a pretty doilie!!

Susan said...

Of course you had fun - you always do!
I hope Helen will bring it for a spin down south one Sunday.

shez said...

Oh what a beautiful car I love the colour and how nice of Helen to take you all for a spin .Love your stitchery Teresa,it's looking great.xx

Christine M said...

A lovely red car! So much nicer than all the boring grey/silver/black ones! Your doily is gorgeous Teresa.

Jeanette said...

You girls always make me laugh & smile. The doily is looking beautiful. :) Hugs,xx

Fiona said...

you are all great for a laugh....
love your stitchery....

Lynda said...

Another great day out - lots of fun as always :)