Thursday, April 24, 2014


I hope you all had a lovely Easter. Are you sick of chocolate yet??  I managed to get some time off work and so I have really made the most of my days off. A little bit of Easter sewing was in order. These cute little bunny ear bags were so much fun to make and use just 4 charm squares. These ones were filled with chocolates for a very special girl.
If you'd like to make some for next Easter you can find the easy instructions HERE. 
I have been slowly working on a new scarf. Not bad for someone who doesn't knit and can only do the very basics! Unfortunately the cooler weather is taking it's sweet time in getting to us... so I hope I'll get the chance to wear it at some stage this year!!!!
We spent a fun day dirt kart racing. This is something my husband does on a regular basis and he's always trying to get us to come out with him. Thanks to the Easter break we were able to do just that.
Jack certainly had a ball, especially when he got the chance to drive the faster kart and beat his father, his uncle and his cousins....
I don't know who enjoyed the day more... the little kids or the big kids!!!

It was also a good time to work on the back of our property and do a bit of clearing. These two came to help (though they weren't quite dressed for the bush!!!)
It is nice to finally get some time to do a bit of clearing. This place of ours takes a lot of work and time to look after.
I also was a bit spoilt and got breakfast in bed ..... which I never say "No" to.

Have you seen this movie yet? I had a real girls night out and this was the movie we went to see. I loved it and got a great laugh out of it... I really don't thing the guys would get the humour in this though ha ha.
 I hope you all had a lovely Easter and most of all... got to spend some time doing what you love with the ones you love. 
Teresa xx
A little Easter giggle


Noela said...

Looks like you were busy over Easter Teresa. We had a quiet time but it was nice.
Hugs Noela.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Your gardening was more hard core than mine. Lol! Love the bunny bag..very cute. Sounds like a great break.

Jeanette said...

A busy Easter for you Teresa. Love the bunny bag. Hugs, xx

shez said...

What a lovely happy post so glad you had a lovely Easter Teresa.xx

Cattinka said...

Hi Teresa,
I love your bunny ear pouches. Thank you for the link, I have to save it for next year. And sick of chocolate? I don´t think I will ever get sick of that.

marina said...

you guys know how to spend quality family time together!
we have movie nights with the girls at work and this movie is on our list. The preview look like it is a light fun comedy.
lol that cartoon, cute.

Susan said...

What a lovely Easter you've had, lots of fun. Your scarf looks fantastic, you look like a good knitter to me!

sunny said...

Wait a minute - breakfast in bed??? Holy Moly. Your little bunny bags are adorable. Must put them on my list. Glad you enjoyed your holidays.

Lorraine said...

Looks like a great Easter spent with family. My gardening exploits pale into insignificance compared to yours! No breakfast in bed for me unless Rose learns to cook!

Susan said...

Love the bunny bags. Well done to Jack -maybe he wont be invited again! !! That's a LOT of bush, I'll bet you see some interesting wild life too. INteresting scarf pattern - you might get to wear it by June...maybe...

Karen said...

Lovely little Easter bags.So cute.
And well done with the scarf!! Yes, it will get cold soon and then we will want it warm again!
Looks like fun with the carts.
And good luck with the clean up.