Sunday, April 6, 2014

Scrap Challenge and Sunday Arvo

I made this weeks project in the 52 week scrap challenge set by Samelia's Mum. We have made a block and then turned it into a cushion. I love the block! Nice and fun to make and made up in minutes.
The cream fabric was a left over scrap from another project and it was the exact size I needed for this cushion. The brown "french" fabric I received from the lovely De for my birthday. It's also on the back of the cushion. It's the perfect size cushion for my old brown chair that my dad gave to me. Very happy with this one! Thanks again Anorina... another quick, fun project.

Talking about quick, fun projects.... This cute little bunny ears tutorial is found HERE and they were very quick to make. I've filled mine with lavender and they smell divine. Will be nice to have out at Easter and then they'll be useful as lavender sachets to keep my clothes smelling nice!

Now a not-so-quick finish - My poor Jack has been asking for ages (I'd hate to think how long!) to have curtains made for his room. I'm very happy to say that's another thing off my To Do list now!
Today has been boring housework all day - but the house is looking good and the slightly cooler nights means another snugly quilt out of the cupboard. 
It has just started to rain and I am having a very late lunch. Yummy spinach rolls, fresh out of the oven and I've got 2 new magazines to drool over. There are so many new inspirational magazines out theire lately. 
Hope you're enjoying your Sunday too. 
Teresa xx


Marilyn said...

The scrap challenge cushion is gorgeous. I am way behind on those lovely projects - maybe one day I will catch up. You find amazing magazines. Maybe I need to newsagency hop to see what I can find - or rather which ones stock these.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well done on your scap challenge, lvely cushion.....and thise mags look good, not seen those before...

shez said...

Love this cushion Teresa,you did well.xx

De said...

Hope you enjoyed your afternoon. Glad you could use that fabric.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Way to go, girl! The Prima magazines are excellent....let me know what you think of Flow

Susan said...

That should keep jack quiet for a little while!!
What a gorgeous cushion...

Karen said...

Great work with the cushion. It looks lovely.
Glad the curtains are done. And the little bunnies are fun.
Enjoy your magazines!!

Indiana said...

Hi This is a second attempt to leave a comment.
The last one seemed to disappear!
I have enjoyed your blog for a while and really liked the pic you posted of the pretty pink and green quilt.
Just love the colours and the fabric.
Is there another pic of it somewhere?