Friday, March 21, 2014

Brisbane Craft Show

Yesterday my Tuesday stitching group and I went to the craft show (because we really needed "stuff" badly!!!).  We started with a delicious morning tea (breakfast for me!) in a great little cafe that was so good, we went back there for lunch!

Found some lovely stalls and great bargains but unfortunately the air con wasn't working so we didn't actually stay for that long. I hope they've got it working now as I really feel for the poor stallholders who have to be there all day.

There was a small, but wonderful display of quilts and I just loved these three. They were incredible....sigh! 
I did come away with a few purchases and some genuine bargains, which was great. 
Even some scrapbooking supplies snd a cute 3D birdie pincushion. 
Oh and this panel jumped into my bag! 
On the way home (don't be surprised....) we accidentally found ourselves at the Quilters Store!!! Where more much-needed stuff fell into our bags. I love this olive green pin tucked linen and the cute scissors. The papers were the only things on my list and I need them for my Gossip in the Garden quilt. 
Best bargain of the day, though, were these magazines. I absolutely love "Cloth, Paper, Scissors",  but they usually cost about $20 each and aren't easy to find here. I picked these up for a measly $2 each. Bargain!!!!  
I had a wonderful day with the girls and it's been so good spending 2 days this week together.
On another note, my first block of Gossip in the Garden, is finished. Just in time for our Sunday Stitchers get together this weekend. Phew!!!! 
Hope you're looking forward to your weekend!!! Happy Friday!!!!
Teresa xx


Susan said...

Once girls really know how to have a day out! Love your finished block.

marina said...

wow! you must have been walking around with your bag open for those things to all sneakily jump in?
such pretty buys and bargains.
love your centre block, it looks fantastic.
Happy stitching!

Susan said...

Funny how other people buy things I didn't even see - yes the air con came on...eventually..I think about 11.30...but it was oh so hot for a while. Love the bird pin cushion..and the pins from the quilters store - they are so hard to find.

Cheryl (aka Kayly) said...

Love how the 'wheels on the car go turn, turn, turn' into the Quilter's Store driveway, all by themselves! LOL.
Another great day out for your group. You lot really know how to have a good time.

Christine M said...

Isn't it funny how things just jump into your bag! Lovely purchases Teresa. Your Gossip block looks great. Have a great weekend.

Maree: said...

Looking forward to seeing your Block...lots of lovely shopping you had.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Looks like the perfect day...yummy purchases....your first block looks awesome...

Melody said...

Lots of fabulous purchases and love that block

Tatkis said...

Seems like a perfect craft holiday for me :) lovely buys!

See you soon xx