Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Year of Photos and a New Challenge

It was a lot of fun doing this challenge of "a photo a day" for all of last year. Lots of memories in there - lots of fun and happy pics! I have no problem taking a photo every day (more like the problem is stopping at one!) so this challenge is perfect for me. I have decided to continue with the photo challenge again this year as well as my own 365 project. Last year I completed the blog "365 Reasons to be Happy" and the year before that was my "365 Grateful Journal".  I have been trying to decide what to take on this year. The "happy reasons" was easy but I got so much more out of my Grateful Journal. It really makes you stop and think about everyone around you and everything going on around you.  It is what's important as well as all the little things we easily forget about but are the true things that make us who we are and how we go though this journey that is ours. After talking to mum about how important these Grateful Journals are to us, Mum has one she writes in every day, I've decided to do it again. 
The first week of this year has been crazy  which makes for a perfect start to the journal. My husband started the longest renovation ever 13 years ago and took the bath out of our bathroom (along with a wall, the floor, the sink and the ceiling!). So you can picture what this room looks like - it's not pretty!!!  But the worst part was not having a bath, only a shower, all those years. This week my husband and I spent 2 days (and a night!) redoing all the plumbing in the laundry and bathroom and have put the claw foot bath back in and rearranged the laundry. Just in time too! We have had an extreme heat wave here for the last few days.
I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed that first bubble bath in my new/old bath while it was 43 C with no air conditioning!!! It does not take much to make me happy!!! I was in heaven! 
So I am very grateful for all the hard work to the bathroom having my bath back... To finding some cool relief. 
Now to today's grateful part .... 
I have always loved cute yellow rubber ducks but have never bought them because - well no point when you don't have a bath is there? Today my Jack came home with a surprise for me - 
Yep! A whole bag of them!! I was thrilled to bits at such a wonderful, thoughtful thing to do! Like I said.... Very grateful!!!! 
So what are you grateful for today? Sometimes it's something huge and sometimes it can be something very small! 
I will continue my journal on my separate blog HERE and try to post daily as I did last year. I'm looking forward to it ....
Hope you've had a great start to the new year and I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you!!! 
Teresa xx


Susan said...

Got to laugh at the rubber ducks - your son knows you so well! And renos done - that must be a terrific Christmas present!

Cattinka said...

Your monhly summaries in calendar sheets look nice, that is a great idea.
Say have you even received the package I sent you for christmas? I meant to ask you before, but then I forgot. I received your beautiful little deer, and it has a nice place in my sewing room now.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Well done on your challenge and it is such a great memento of the year. Love those toes amongst the bubbles...glad you have your tub back. Enjoy!

Fiona said...

It's a great idea and I love your happy look on life...

Karen said...

What a huge job with all that work.
Glad it ended well wit your bath.