Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Special Announcement

Back in august last year my youngest son, Jack, announced his engagement to the gorgeous Tori. 
I had so much fun making the invitations. The colours were a beautiful pale blue and white .... With a bit of bling. 
Just before Christmas they were sent out. 
Last weekend they had the most wonderful engagement party. 
I just love this photo of the gorgeous pair. 
The cake was a delicious mud cake and decorated beautifully. 
Tori made a wonderful scrapbook full of photos and everyone wrote in it and left messages and well wishes. 
The food was incredible! 
It was so good to see all their friends together and enjoying themselves. 
The boys favourite high school teacher (music) was there. 
And of course there were lots and lots of photos taken. 
It was an absolutely wonderful night - in fact it was perfect!!! So proud of Tori and Jack for organising such a fantastic event. Not to mention the wonderful speeches both my boys gave on the night too. Very proud!!! 
Congratulations to the happy pair and I wish them a beautiful life together full of love, good health and laughter. 
Teresa xx


Cardygirl said...

Special times!

Susan said...

They look so happy. Exciting times.

Fiona said...

oh it all looks so fantastic..... congrats to the up and coming MIL....

Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful photos of the happy couple and their very special celebration. Love the invites...well done to you.
I wish them all blessings for a very happy and long life together.

shez said...

congrats to the very handsome couple,thankyou for sharing pics of their fantastic night,love the cake so pretty,have a lovely day Teresa.xx

Lynda said...

So vry exciting for your family.

Karen said...

It all looks wonderful. What an exciting time!

Susan said...

What a precious moment.

Cheryl (aka Kayly) said...

Congratulations to Jack and Tori.
Beautiful invitations. Looks like it was a great engagement party.

Think Bowtique said...

Congratulation to you all. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Marilyn said...

Sounds like a lovely celebration. The invitations are gorgeous, as is the cake. How lovely that Tori made the scrapbook for people to write in.

Jantine said...

Congratulations! Such a beautiful couple. Love the invitations you made! Must have been an awful lot of work!