Monday, December 2, 2013

Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art

There is an amazing exhibition on at the moment at GOMA in the city. It is called "Falling Back to Earth" and is by contemporary artist Cai Guo-Qiang. It is absolutely amazing. 
Don't worry they are all replica animals! 
Seeing all these wonderful animals side by side (sometimes predator next to prey) - drinking together at this huge waterhole is so peaceful. There isn't a sound and everyone is so quiet, trying to take it all in. 
Simply amazing as there is no threatening behavior, no conflict, no danger. All animals co-existing in harmony. I just loved it. 
This exhibit is slightly different but no less AMAZING. You can see how big these exhibits are with James standing there. They are huge! 

The animals are so lifelike!  
Oh and you can take as many photos as you like!!! Nice for a change! 
I really want to know how they got this tree into the Gallery. It is touching every wall and the ceiling!! 
Love going out with this boy of mine and I enjoyed the exhibition immensely. 
The exhibition is on until the 11th of May next year. 
Lunch at the Three Monkeys in West End topped the day off. This is such a great not-so-little cafe with delicious food and a wonderful atmosphere. We shared nachos and chicken, avocado and sundried tomato focaccia. And yummy ice coffees!!! 
I love our city, especially the Gallery of Modern Art!!! I also love all the different cafés and eateries we have. Such a wonderful place to visit when I get the chance! 
Oh yes!! And my car broke down and I had to get it towed home!!! Just a small glitch in an orherwise perfect day!!! 
Have a great week! 
Teresa xx


Helen Wong said...

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Fiona said...

how fun is that exhibition ... just amazing....

Susan said...

Looks like an amazing exhibition. Shame about the car, but what a great day otherwise.

Susan said...

Darn about the car - a long way home for you - fascinating display....

Karen said...

What a fantastic exhibit. It really does look amazing.
Hope the car is fixed easily and quickly.

Pansy said...

Oh wow I am so off to see this exhibition, spectacular photos x