Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Boxing Day

Christmas lasts for 2 days for us - just so we can fit in seeing as much of our family as we can. Boxing Day is always at my dads and it was another wonderful celebration. As my mum is interstate and couldn't be with us this year, I always take lots of photos and send them to her throughout the day. What a great excuse ha ha!!!! 
It goes without saying that there MUST be a photo of me and my siblings! Great to have my brother up from Melbourne and I don't see my sister often enough either. 
Me and my family. This is what it is all about!!! 
All the girls that could make it this year...
And all the boys....
Trust me - there were many, many photos taken and I love this one of my dad doing what he loves best - taking more photos!! 
Got to love the fruit at this time of the year!!! 
I was a very happy girl spending two days with so many family members. That is definitely the best part of Christmas for me - being with those you love. 
Hope you had an amazing Christmas! 
Teresa xx


Susan said...

Happy family times. Lovely to see.

shez said...

You are so right Teresa this is what it is all about,happy new year.xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful Teresa. Never would have guessed they were your siblings lol!!! Looks like a lovely family day.

Pansy said...

Beautiful, beautiful Photos & memories made, too true in deed what it all about FAMILY x