Friday, November 29, 2013

A Great Bag Pattern and Some Other Stuff....

I found this great bag pattern on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. Its from the wonderful Artsy Craftsy Babe's blog and you can find the pattern HERE.
I loved making this! Such a great pattern, and so quick to make up. 
As soon as I bought this fabric I wanted to make it up into this bag. The pattern is called the Phoebe Bag.
It's a great size, has a pocket inside and a very convenient magnetic closure.  I love the one strap too. The instructions are very clear and so easy to understand. I just love this fabric! It's by Windham Fabrics and called "I Dream of Paris" (naturally!!!).
I can see me making this bag again in another favourite fabric!
I've also finished a cute little Christmas decoration that I found on the Red Brolly blog.. It's a very cute little Candy Cane holder ("Rudolph's Antlers") and you can find more details on how to make him HERE. I didn't have any googly eyes for mine, but a couple of teeny black buttons finished him off.  I think he might end up in Jacks Advent calendar... Isn't Jack too old for an Advent Calendar?? Apparently not!
This is the Advent calendar I made a few years back now. It is my own pattern and very large! It takes up nearly the whole of the kids bedroom door. I've used lots of Nancy Halvorsten fabrics in this.
A lot of the pieces are 3D and attached with buttons. I made the tree so large to be able to add on Christmas brooches and badges I've collected over the years.
I wanted them to look like Christmas decorations on the tree. The bottom is finished off with Prairie points and rusty bells.
There is also a little stocking hanging off the tree. All the pockets are quite large (lots of room for chocolates and treats!!!) and numbered in gold fabric paint. It hasn't been out of the Christmas cupboard for years so when Jack decided he wanted to use it again this year, I was secretly thrilled. Now to find more bits and pieces to pin to the tree for more decorations!
Yesterdays photo challenge was "I am grateful for..." and this is my little collage... "Family"
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and even though we don't celebrate it here... it's nice to remember (not just at Thanksgiving but every day!) what we are grateful for and what we hold dear. 
Have a great weekend!!
Teresa xx

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Decorations

After seeing some decorations made from cardboard and old sheet music I was inspired to have a go at making some too. 
The ones I had seen were trees but in a very basic shape. Lucky for me I have a wonderful scrapbooking shop very close to home and it was there that the lovely owner showed me some really fancy trees and some very cute reindeer shapes too. I covered cardboard in the sheet music and some gorgeous vintage papers and then took the pieces back to her the next day. With her cutting contraption, she cut out the shapes for me. I especially love the cute reindeer with his cut out spots. 
Then came the FUN part - decorating! I've embossed the edges of this tree with gold embossing powder....
But the other shapes I've distressed with ink on the edges. 
Lots of vintagey ribbons, pearls and paper roses on each one. 
It was so much fun to do. Nice and easy and so stress free and relaxing!!! 
Can't wait to put some of these on the Christmas tree and some are for gifts. 
Love the paper roses! 
I make at least one new, handmade Christmas decoration each year and our tree is full of handmade bits and pieces. Lots of lovely decorations are from friends too, making it so much fun to go through each decoration as it's put on the tree. Lots of lovely memories!!! 
Are you makIng any decorations for your tree this year?
The Christmas spirit is definitely alive and kicking at our place!!!
Have a great week
Teresa xx

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tuesday Road Trip

I can't believe it - but we've done it again.  Another road trip on a Tuesday stitching day (and not a single bit of stitching was achieved!!!) but what a fun day we had!!! 
First we had a trip to Poppys Chicolate Factory. I didn't even know we had this chocolate heaven place so close to home. Beautiful and delicious handmade chocolates mmmmmm! 
We also managed a home decor shop, three fabric shops, an antique store, stopped for a cuppa and cake for morning tea, another cafe later in the day for lunch and then went back to the chocolate factory for another taste test and to purchase our chocolates (they would have melted if we'd bought them on the earlier visit!!!) if you're tired reading that paragraph then you can imagine how totally exhausted we all were at the end of our trip. Add non stop laughing and mucking around to that as well!! 
We tried to pick up a couple of fellows at the antiques store but then remembered they wouldn't fit in the car with us. 
I did pick up these little blue and white beauties though! 
Finally some Tilda fabrics came home with me too. As well as some dress fabrics - I'd like to get back into sewing clothes again. 
(Photo thanks to Sandi). I am very, very lucky to have such wonderful friends. We laugh together, understand each other, help as much as we can, listen to our problems and be there for each other through good and bad times. I appreciate these friendships I have so much. Oh did I mention we drive each other nuts as well? - or was that you had to be nuts to understand our group? 
These little signs I got today are spot on. 
Love these girls so much. Even scary-driving Helen, confused-navigating Boss Sandi,  don't-take-my-photo Tess, my back-seat sharing Norreen (I thought of something else here, but behaved myself!) and the wine-loving Lush/Laurel. What a mixture we are and don't we have fun. 
I'll sign off with a photo of the chocolate sample bag I bought. And there are some left today.... Really..... There is.....
Have a great day! 
Teresa xx

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Swap Presents

These are the presents given and received at our Christmas party on Sunday. 
Firstly, my absolutely gorgeous mug bag from Susan. So much thought and effort went into this gift. It came with a story....
"The Story....
I wanted to make something to go with your Anni Downs projects from the SAL. 
Naturally, I didn't have any of those fabrics. I called Anni's shop and spoke with her. 
There was no stock left, but she was able to rustle up a Scrap Bag. 
The scrap bag included a block, which I guess she made and 2 hexagons, so I included them. 
Here is the block. This is a wonderful little pattern and has a handy pocket at the back. 
The little hexies are on the front and used to keep the bag closed. 
It didn't stop there... Inside is a gorgeous colour-coordinated mug, full of yummy chocolates and the cutest little owl brooch. The tiny bag on the left contains the left over fabric scraps!!! 
Didn't Susan make a wonderful, perfect gift for me. Thank you so much Susan!!!
Me and my gift from Susan (photo thanks to Maree!) 
The gift I made was for Noela. 
I made her a Christmas table runner using 3 of Michelle Ridgways Christmas stitcheries. 
They were fun to stitch. I love her cute stitcheries. 
I also made a little Christmas decoration. 
A little 3 dimensional angel. 
This was a great secret Santa swap and lovely to see all the wonderful handmade gifts at the party.  You can't beat handmade! 
Teresa xx

Stitchers Inc Christmas Party

On Sunday we had a wonderful day, celebrating Christmas and catching up with everyone in our stitching group. 
It was so much fun - I love it when we can all get together and catch up. It is a wonderful group of ladies.
Lots of  delicious food to share. 
Lots of Bon Bon fun - never too old are we? Myself and Noela - (great action shot there Sandi!)
Marilyn and Susan face off!
Noela and Maree (I'm thrilled with this photo as Maree always seems to take lots of photos, but never seems to be in any of them. Got you this time Maree!) 
Helen, Noela and Sandi - my traveling buddies! 
We all received lots of lovely surprise gifts. So many thoughtful, generous ladies in this group. Chocolates (in a sweet little paper envelope), more chocolates with a cute tree ornament, Bon bons full of fabric, wine glass charms (or earrings as they became known and wornthroughout the party!!), a gorgeous gold embroidered angel and a very clever folded fabric star ornament. We were very spoilt. 
We also had a secret Santa swap for the day. This is my gorgeous present from Susan. I was absolutely over the moon with my gift. 
This little mug bag that Susan has made is very special and I love it. There is more to this present and more photos which I will share in the next post.....
It was full of goodies too. Thank you so much Susan for all the trouble you went to, to make this. It is beautifully made and will be treasured. 
De with her gorgeous present from Tatyana. Don't you just love the fabric in De's top.... Hexagons! 
I love this table runner that Marilyn made. 
There were so many wonderful, beautifully-made presents. 
I couldn't end without a picture of the lovely Helen in her antlers and rudolf nose. If took a few tries to actually get a photo as the nose lit up! Her earrings were flashing the whole time too. Doesn't she look cute!  Ha ha! 
It was a really wonderful day and I'm so glad we all got to go. The Christmas spirit has started off well this year and is in full gear already. Nothing like a party as fun as this to get you in the spirit. 
Thank you to everyone who came and made the day so special. A massive thanks to Maree for organising us and the venue and making it all happen. Thank you too for all the little gifts and a HUGE thank you to Susan for my present. I'll be back to show you what I received. It's very special and needs it's own post. Have a wonderful day 
Teresa xx

(Not Quite) Summer Storm Season...

Our storm season is definitely here. Last Saturday was the seventh day in a row of severe storm and weather warnings. These warnings were much closer to home and this time our suburbs name was mentioned every warning. I knew we were going to get more than rain this time.  
It started off with small hail and then it got louder and louder. This is the first time in 26 years of living here, that I have seen hailstones this big. 
We didn't get it quite as bad as other places - some received hail as large as tennis balls. This is what we call Australian snow! 
It's weird how the hail can be so different in its shape. Some are perfectly round. I've since found out from the Higgins Storm Chasers site that the hailstone in the very first photo, with its bumpy, strange shape, is called gorilla hail. There you go - I didn't know that! 
Today, the ninth straight day of storms, rain and scary weather, was really amazing. This photo is taken as we were driving home through Browns Plains. The clouds were moving in both directions and we literally drove underneath this dark swirling cloud. It was really low and I couldn't believe how crazy (well, scary actually!) it looked. It didn't rain until we has passed right under the clouds and it certainly bucketed down then. This was a supercell. I've only seen this once before, a few years ago and closer to home. Very exciting - as long as there's no damage and no one gets hurt!!! 
I wonder if that's the last of the storms? We certainly have had a lot of rain and the tank is full - which I am very thankful for. 
Hope everyone is staying safe in this crazy weather we are having. 
Teresa xx