Thursday, September 26, 2013

Brisbane Festival

The Brisbane Festival is coming to a close this weekend. There have been lots of amazing shows and Southbank looks incredible. 
I definitely recommend the Brisbane light show along the banks of the river. There are two shows each night and we made it to the second one tonight.
It was wonderful. 
After such a hot day today it was a really lovely night and perfect to be out and about the city watching the show. 
Southbank is all lit up and the lights and atmosphere are incredible. I just wanted to soak it all up. You can see the Brisbane Eye in the background of this photo. It was pretty and amazing at the same time. 
And of course the bunnies were there!!!
Before the show, James and I went to dinner at The Burrow, West End. I love this place and the food is amazing. 
We had entrée of dips, breads and dukkah and it looked so good served up on the wooden paddle. We also had pizza and they have so many to choose from. Another great place to eat in West End!
Such a great night! Thanks again James xx
I hope you get to see some of the Brisbane Festival too (if you live near Brisbane that is!)
Teresa xx


Mistea said...

They've always been good at lighting up your city.
Thanks for sharing pictures.

shez said...

awesome pics teresa,glad you and Jack had so much fun.xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful our home town. Supper looks amazing too.